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Tired of looking for parking? Finding child-care? Dealing with Insurance?

Parent Guidance with Victoria: ½ hour - $60, 1 hour - $90. No contracts – schedule as needed; guidance specific to your child and family. Email for details at: parentguidance49@gmail.com

All about Parenting

CPRT is one option for improving your relationship with your child as is traditional family play therapy sessions. For 8 weeks, in a group setting or 8 individual or couple sessions in Child Parent Relational Therapy, the rewards are generally immeasurable and long-lasing. But if you need emergency parenting help right away there are several good systems of discipline that can be learned and implemented by most parents in about an hour or two - certainly within the same day, if motivated.

Issues of co-parenting, parenting through divorce, step-parenting and adoption can be addressed by: 1). Introduction to basic systems of discipline, 2). Implementation of the system-of-choice into the home or (homes) as soon as possible and 3). Introduction to play therapy methods and language to enhance communication with your child.

Parenting today is about as complex and challenging as it ever was. Parents know more but are also overwhelmed by too much information (TMI). In your experience at Play By The Bay, Inc., parenting becomes doable and then, enjoyable.

There is truth to the idea that successful parenting is linked to the amount of self-respect, control and awareness a parent holds for themselves. This is especially true during times of crisis, loss, separation or trauma; or when relationships are headed in a downward, negative spiral.

I am offering Parent Guidance as a new service and can be combined with therapy or stand alone; these tools will help to restore order and respect in your home, even when you feel that nothing works!

Learn natural, real-life consequences that teach your child to become responsible, respectful and obedient as well as vastly improving your relationship. Parent Guidance helps everyone to calm down!