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Parent Guidance

I've heard countless stories from frustrated parents about their children yelling at them, children who kick, hit, bite, ignore or seek revenge for grounding and other consequences. Stories regarding children who refuse to cooperate on a daily basis, leaving parents feeling incompetent, guilty, defensive and afraid of their own children and worse, eroding this precious relationship to the ground.

Are you feeling exhausted and frustrated trying to get your child to behave in these situations?

Getting into bed, staying in bed and going to sleep; getting up in the morning and dressing for school on time? Addressing: "Go the Bleep to Sleep!!!"

Demanding toys and treats every time you go to the store?

Refusing to do their homework, their chores and simple daily tasks?

Manage mealtime troubles, video/TV and electronic time and money?

Are you repeating yourself every day, every hour, every minute – yelling, nagging or threatening without positive results?

Are you exhausted with not having time for yourself and other relationships?

A "yes" answer to any of these questions (and more) and you will benefit from Parent Guidance. PARENT GUIDANCE and therapy provides a powerful combination of skills directed at establishing order and peace in your home, eliminating clutter in the home and vastly improving communication with your child.

Not wanting to put your child in therapy? PARENT GUIDANCE stands alone and will change the emotional climate of your home.

PARENT GUIDANCE teaches parents how to calm down, clearly communicate expectations respectfully by applying these skills with full attention to one terrible behavior at a time and getting the results your family needs.

PARENT GUIDANCE teaches real-life, natural consequences for behaviors that are driving you crazy; how to reward your child with (short) time together coupled with 10-seconds of focused bursts of attention which will increase both your listening skills and fun in your family.

PARENT GUIDANCE provides skills for blended families, single-parent families, empowering any willing parent struggling with parenting issues on a daily basis.