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Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

An 8 -Session Filial (Family) Therapy Package

Based on the work of Dr. Garry Landreth, Sue Bratton, Theresa Kellman and Sandra Blackard. CPRT is a skills-based and an experientially-based model for giving parents the essential tools for true communication with their children, based on play-therapy techniques and philosophies.

child parent relationship therapyParents can learn as individuals, couples or in groups - but all come to learn how to transform their family in just 8-weeks or less. Relationships have shown improvement after only one play session. Skill-based sessions are enhanced by either actual play-room time or video review; clear, progressive unfolding of the objectives and essential concepts of CPRT and furnished with The Parent Notebook which contains all the printed material that parents will need to complete CPRT training.

Just about any parent can find 30 minutes a week for a therapeutic play-date and spice that up with 30 seconds of focused attention throughout the day. Parents are amazed at how little actual time it takes to improve your relationship with even your most struggling child. This is because parents learn to parent from their child's perspective (as well as their own) which is a unique, innovative and very effective method of combining play therapy & parenting for great results while paving the way for great parents in the future!